NH Senate District 17

Raymond, Nottingham, Northwood, Deerfield, Allenstown, Pembroke, Epsom, Pittsfield, Chichester, Strafford and Loudon


John Reagan


Contact Information:
State House, Room 107
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Phone: 603-271-8631
Email: john.reagan111@gmail.com

Senator Reagan is Chairman of the Capital Budget Committee, Vice Chairman of Executive Departments & Administration and Senate Finance Committees, and chairs or sits on 15 other statutory committees. Community service has John elected to Trustee of the Trust Funds for his home town of Deerfield.

Prior to entering the senate John served three terms in the New Hampshire House and chaired the House Health, Human Services& Elderly Affairs committee, and was chairman of the joint Oversight of Health & Human Services committee.

While a member of the Executive Department & Administration Committee in the House John was appointed to the first retirement study commission trying to make whole the bankrupt employee retirement system, the source of future income for all state employees and local employees including all fire, police, teachers and town and county employees.

Twelve years as a member of the Performance Audit and Oversight Committee gives the senator a deep perspective into the operations of all state government departments.

John Reagan is a graduate of Albany Business College and has trained as a financial Planner at the College of Financial Planning in Boulder, Colorado. Further training by the G.A. Wright Company of Denver, Colorado saw John embark on a consulting career solving problems for businesses of all sizes in the United States and Canada.

Prior to being a business consultant Reagan served twenty-eight years with the Baltimore City Fire Department retiring as a line officer with a ladder-rescue company covering both tubes of the Harbor Tunnel Thruway system, the Port of Baltimore, and many homes and businesses. The global War on Terror was an actual part of John’s daily work.

Command Officer of the Hazardous Material Response Team and participation in training for chemical and biological disasters left John with an appreciation for the difficulties and expensive preparations necessary to defend our country at the local level.

Serving the citizens and visitors to Baltimore John saw the effects of government programs on those they were intended to benefit. In general, too many programs perpetuate the problems touted as solutions. Experience trained John to question government programs before rushing in to increase taxes for no measurable benefit but always taking more from those who earned the tax dollars sent to the government.

Senator Reagan was elected three times to the Deerfield Board of Selectmen, served on the Planning Board, and gave hands-on help to his neighbors. He was elected to a Trustee of Trust Funds position in 2015.

John is a member of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Coalition for Youth and also sits as a Board member of the Pine Haven Boys Center in Allenstown, NH.